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Network problems

Network problems can grind your business down to a halt

The very last thing that any business (no matter the size) needs, is a network infrastructure that slows down productivity. As a business owner, you know this more than anyone else; time = money. In 2013, Amazon lost about $2 million in lost sales because of a 30-minute network outage. It could happen to anyone! but what sets some businesses apart from others is the access to expert support that is on time, every time.

Network issues show off in different forms... Choppy video calls, snail-slow network speed, buffering downloads, terrible VoIP quality (nobody wants a call with someone sounding like a radio station from the 80s), and even consistent cybersecurity threats.

The earlier your Phoenix business is able to find a way around these, the quicker you stand out from the sea of competitors around you. Because no matter your industry, your clients expect you to have it all together - including your network infrastructure.


How much easier would work be if

Downtime was practically nonexistent because everything works at a mind-blowing (at least 40% more) speed.
Your managed services provider never waited for you to call for help, rather proactively kept your network up and running.
When you did have to call, the helpdesk wasn't some pre-recorded message that kept going forever but an actual human with real solutions.
You were no longer a sitting duck for cyber-attacks because you could count on the security of your network infrastructure.
You had a true IT partner you could count on, no matter what?

That would be awesome, right?

That's the quality of network support services we provide to small to mid-sized businesses in Phoenix, AZ. Our experts build an infrastructure around your business goals and ensure it performs at its peak, round the clock.

true IT partner

“Being able to call our IT support at any time of day, any day of the year has been tremendous…”

Jennifer M

Phoenix, Arizona

Being able to call our IT support at any time of day, any day of the year has been tremendous, as we run a manufacturing business that is never closed.

Previously, we could only get IT support during normal business hours, which meant two-thirds of our work shifts had zero support.

Being able to have people quickly on site has also been a big change versus our previous provider.

With our network consulting services, you can be assured of

Network analysis

Network analysis to make strategic decisions

Every business is different because the processes, workflows, goals, and even the threats they face are different. At Complete IT, we don't believe in one-size-fits-all network infrastructure for companies, no matter the size.

As a result of this, as soon as you put us in charge of your network support, we first take the time to understand your processes and short and long-term goals. Then we carry out a thorough analysis of your company's network, within your local area network and its interaction with the internet and WAN.

With this, we're able to provide the needed strategies to ensure that all the components in your network communicate seamlessly, enabling work to get faster, smoother, and a heck load easier for you.

  • Network assessments
  • Redesigning and reshaping
  • Network configuration
desk support

Remarkably fast desk support from our support team

Your small business deserves fanatical service too! The kind that responds in a timely manner, with real networking solutions for the issue at hand. A lot of growing businesses in the Metro Phoenix Area are not able to hire in-house network support experts.

As a result of that, they've had to make do with IT companies that are either too large they don't know them by the name, and don't pick up calls are respond to emails promptly (after the first month) OR IT guys that lack the capacity to provide the quality of solutions they need.

At Complete IT, we're redefining network support for small to medium-sized businesses in Phoenix AZ. We're experts that actually pick up the phone, with real solutions to your network issues, in real-time. This is because we proactively monitor your systems, so we can easily pick up a problem and start working to fix it, even before you call.

  • Real experts on the other end of the line
  • Top 1% customer retention rate in the industry
  • Microsoft windows desk support
  • Remote support services
  • Technical support
network security strategy

Fail-proof network security strategy

A secure network ultimately means a secure company. At Complete IT, we operate with a 7-layer cyber security system that enables us to keep you safe consistently. From all the endpoints in your network (laptops, computers, mobile phones, etc) to the policies that your company operates by, we fortify security to make sure that no unauthorized parties can access your network.

We arm you with state-of-the-art Intrusion, Detection, and Prevention Systems (IDPS) that enable us deal with APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats) in real-time in order to keep your network bulletproof at all times.

  • Enterprise wireless security for visitors to use a guest network
  • VPN (Virtual Private Network) to interact with public networks securely
  • Network firewall monitoring
  • Dark web monitoring and scanning
  • Sophisticated endpoint defense
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disaster recovery planning

Rock-solid disaster recovery planning to ensure you stay in business

A business without a disaster recovery plan is at the mercy of chance and has no real agenda for continuity. At Complete, we make sure that's not you. We provide you with enterprise-grade network infrastructure to start with and then make 100% sure that you always have a redundant network on standby in case of a failure.

Being cloud computing experts, we're able to securely back up your mission-critical data in the cloud, and make sure it's readily available in case of a disaster. Our firewall has unlimited 4G LTE backup internet services. If your primary internet service provider goes down, it will roll over to the backup, so that you can continue working.

  • 100% Business continuity assured
  • Off-site backup storage
  • Turn-key disaster recovery setup
Network management and monitoring

Network management and monitoring

As much as your network hosts your business operations, it is not your core business. Leave it to us to ensure top-quality network performance while you focus on fulfilling your clients.

Our network engineers remotely monitor your entire network infrastructure with powerful remote monitoring tools that let us know when something is off; whether it be a hardware fault, an internet issue, or an email problem.

  • Round-the-clock remote network monitoring
  • Network support services
  • Remote server management
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Cloud support for our cloud computing experts

Cloud support for our cloud computing experts

On-premise hardware is one type of network infrastructure to handle. When things get into the cloud, you're faced with more technical problems that require technical support.

At Complete IT, we're experts at all things cloud and can enable your growing Phoenix business to have access to futuristic technology that would enable you out perform your competitors without outspending them.

We have been able to carry out cloud migrations that other IT companies claimed were "impossible to do", and would "end it a rollback". We can take your network infrastructure to the cloud and provide you with ongoing support to keep you thriving on a monthly basis.

  • Experts at enterprise technology services
  • Stay secure and amazingly productive on the cloud
  • Let go of aged and expensive legacy servers
  • Work securely and productively from anywhere!

“Complete IT has enabled us to scale and grow, versus just being someone we call to fix printers…”

Jennifer M

Phoenix, Arizona

"I was recommended to Complete IT by a peer in a networking group.  Within 3 months of starting with them, 20 servers were moved out of our office to Amazon’s server farm, and everything actually works better than it ever did.

I have more interaction with them than I did with our previous in-house IT person, yet the meetings are always short, sweet, and to the point.

It’s also a blessing to have laptops show up at remote workers' homes in other states that are perfectly configured and require no follow-ups, they can just get to work.

Complete IT has enabled us to scale and grow, versus just being someone we call to fix printers and whatnot.  I would recommend them to businesses both large and small."

IT partner for your Phoenix Arizona business

What do you want in an IT partner for your Phoenix Arizona business?

Complete IT makes it that much easier to grow and scale faster than ever before - with your network needs met 100% and your entire IT infrastructure working like a well-oiled machine!


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