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At Complete IT, we ensure your absolute cybersecurity, by proactively mitigating threats and keeping all endpoints within your network secure...

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43% of all cyberattacks target small businesses, and the reason is obvious

According to security magazine, 46% of businesses with under 50 employees do not have a cybersecurity budget. Hackers know this. Easier to break into a house without locks, than one with layers of security, right? Well, that's just how the cookie crumbles.

Contrary to the popular belief that SMBs aren't hackers' targets because they aren't Fortune 500s, they are actually sitting targets! According to a report from Kaspersky Lab, the cost of a data breach for a small to mid-sized business is $117,000.

Rather than stand the risk of losing a business you've built for years to one clever hack, you should implement measures that keep you secure no matter what. Solid network security services are a fundamental part of your technology stack, and what's more - it doesn't have to cost a fortune.

From endpoint security to data security, your growing business needs a dedicated cyber security company proactively carrying out security operations - so that you can be able to sleep at night, knowing you're cyber safe.

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With a proactive cyber security company, you can protect your Phoenix business

A proactive cybersecurity company can help protect your Phoenix business by identifying and addressing potential threats before they have a chance to cause significant damage. By staying up-to-date on the latest security risks and developing comprehensive security solutions, a cyber security company can help keep your business safe from harm.

While investing in an in-house IT or cybersecurity department may not be your smartest financial decision right now, you deserve all the benefits of that quality of support...

If you'd like to outsource your data protection services (which may be your best bet), Complete IT is here to provide every single solution you need to protect your information systems.

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Perimeter Security(Edge Security services)

Complete IT functions as YOUR cybersecurity team

We have developed proven processes to improve your security and do away with any vulnerability. Our Phoenix cyber security services help clients like you take advantage of enterprise-grade security technologies at a budget-friendly price.

At Complete IT, we obsess over being a cybersecurity company that SMBs can rely on. We give your growing business the security posture of a behemoth so that you can remain constantly focused on growth.

Ensuring that your network is consistently secure, spans from endpoint protection to the policies your organization runs with, to your (human) firewall - everything is involved. We know how to make it all work together to enhance your overall network.


“Being able to call our IT support at any time of day, any day of the year, has been tremendous…”

Jennifer M

Phoenix, Arizona

Being able to call our IT support at any time of day, any day of the year, has been tremendous, as we run a manufacturing business which is never closed.

Previously, we could only get IT support during normal business hours, which meant two thirds of our work shifts had zero support.

Being able to have people quickly onsite has also been a big change versus our previous provider.

Data security

Securing your network is no longer about on-premises security only...

With different members of your staff working from everywhere, it's easy to see why cyber attacks have spiked in the last 2 years. With work-from-home staff getting work done on their personal computers and laptops, and transferring valuable data over the public network, there are bound to be security issues.

This calls for careful configuration of firewalls, anti-virus tools, multi-factor authentication, remote monitoring, and building up your firewall by training members of staff to be aware of the latest phishing trends.

Network Security involves access control, virus and antivirus software, application security, network analytics, firewalls, VPN encryption, and more.

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With these cybersecurity measures, we prioritize your safety (endpoint, workflow, and all)

Discovery Phase

Endpoint security, detection & response

Endpoint security, detection, and response is a comprehensive approach to securing all endpoints within your company's network (computers, mobile phones, laptops, etc). With this approach, we help your organization proactively defend against known and unknown threats and rapidly respond to incidents when they occur. We configure employee work devices such that sites with questionable security would be inaccessible altogether. This way, we can avoid compromise and hence avoid malware attacks that could result from such vulnerabilities. Our engineers can help with automation, so that we can know whenever there is a threat to any of your endpoints, in real time.

Design Phase

Perimeter security

As a part of our 7-layer-cybersecurity stack, perimeter security is a key component. We have found that many growing organizations trivialize this, especially because of the remote work culture... But if you still have an office space, you want to be sure that it's not the weak link in your company's attempt to stay secure. Our approach to network security includes end-to-end security and intrusion detection. We create a buffer between your IT infrastructure and the internet, creating the demarcation and further securing your onsite assets.

Design Phase

Phishing attack prevention and awareness

According to CISCO's 2021 cybersecurity threat trends report, at least one person clicked a phishing link in around 86% of organizations. Phishing attacks are engineered to capture the most unsuspecting employee that has good intentions, that's you must be proactive with your company's security. Access to one employee's data means access to your entire network, we proactively prevent that by training your staff to be able to identify phishing scams at a glance and avoid them.

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Design Phase

Vulnerability scan and penetration testing

In compliance with industry best practices, we carry out vulnerability scans and penetration tests on your network. Penetration testing is how we ensure that our cyber security measures actually work. Our white-hat specialists simulate an attack on your network, via a phishing link or an endpoint. This shows us in real time what aspects of your cybersecurity are the weakest links so that we can get you ready for when a hacker attempts to get into your network. With the cyber risk observed from the pen test, we can proactively provide the best-suited solutions for your network security

Design Phase

Firewalls & VPN

With our next-generation firewalls, we efficiently stop threats in their tracks. With VPNs, we make it possible for your team to send and receive data securely, across public networks, as though they’re connected to your private network. You can leverage our years of experience to deploy the cybersecurity measures of an enterprise for your growing business.

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“I never have to deal with any of it anymore, which is what I want…”

Jason F

Scottsdale, Arizona

We had a great IT company we worked with for years, however as our security needs grew, I could honestly tell they were quickly trying to find products to fit our needs, and we were always the guinea pigs.

I felt we were outgrowing them, however after moving not only our managed services to Complete IT, but our managed security needs as well, I never have to deal with any of it anymore, which is what I want in an outsourced partner.

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