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Disaster Recovery Phoenix Businesses
making data recovery work for your Phoenix business

40%-60% of small to mid-sized businesses never reopen after a disaster

It's alarming the number of SMBs that have their doors shut following a disaster of sorts.

What's even worse is this: about 90% of small businesses shut down during the following year, if they are unable to restore operations 5 days after a disaster... (Source FEMA)

The cost of making data recovery work for your Phoenix business is infinitely smaller than the cost of losing your business due to an unforeseen disaster.

the cost of downtime

Many times, the cost of downtime per hour is between $10K and $5M

The ultimate question becomes this; if disaster strikes right now (say a server crashes or a malware attack takes place or even a hailstorm) are you ready?

How secure and easily deployable is your mission-critical data?

Would you be up and running in minutes? Or would you need to wait hours into days to get back to serving your clients?

Worse still, would they be able to trust you going forward?

data backup solutions and disaster recovery services

SMBs in Phoenix AZ have had to make do with makeshift data backup solutions and disaster recovery services

In between multinational data recovery companies and the IT guy down the street, most small to mid-sized businesses have not had the attention to detail needed for a dependable disaster recovery plan.

Your business needs backup services from a dedicated data recovery expert that (not only prevents data loss) but makes sure you are back up and running in record time.

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disaster emergency

In the event of a disaster emergency, you need

Instant response from a data recovery company in the Phoenix location, that can drive down in the case of water damage
Data backup solutions that can recover your files in seconds to minutes, instead of hours to days, practically eliminating downtime
A backup system that makes it easy for your team to make use of the data recovered without complexities
data backup services in phoenix

We have seen how other companies that offer data backup services in Phoenix do it...

It's a sad reality that so many IT providers that offer disaster recovery services in phoenix try to get away with backing up businesses' vital data in some glorified hardware of sorts. At other times, they stick with making machine images of your servers and manually copying your data to the public cloud.

At most, they try to synchronize your on-premises databases with the backup on the cloud, even at that, you still have a wait time of hours to get back up and running after a disaster!

All these are relatively dime-a-dollar backup systems, that aren't 100% secure in themselves! Imagine being backed up to a storage facility that needs a backup system itself.

Get a fail-proof disaster recovery plan

At Complete IT, we provide the Fortune-500-grade disaster recovery Phoenix SMBs deserve to thrive

Being an SMB ourselves, we know just how crucial it is for your mission-critical data to be securely available to you come what may.

No small business sets out to become a disaster statistic, our goal is to arm you against the unknown; keeping you productive regardless.

With our professional services, we can put your company amongst the top 2% of businesses in America that fully recover from a disaster under 60 minutes.

This is because, instead of going for the bare minimum recovery options as most SMBs do, we go for the best solution available, commonly used by large corporations. In addition to that, we tailor it to suit your company's specific size and needs.

So instead of slamming a Behemoth-sized backup system on you, we tailor it down to suit your specific needs, while maintaining efficiency and speed.


“I never have to deal with any of it anymore, which is what I want…”

Jason F

Scottsdale, Arizona

We had a great IT company we worked with for years, however as our security needs grew, I could honestly tell they were quickly trying to find products to fit our needs, and we were always the guinea pigs.

I felt we were outgrowing them, however after moving not only our managed services to Complete IT, but our managed security needs as well, I never have to deal with any of it anymore, which is what I want in an outsourced partner.


Our 6-part data backup and disaster recovery goals


Ensure that we can protect your own data, on servers, hard drives, flash drives, and all devices within the company's IT network and on all backups. You can have absolute peace of mind knowing that your data is locked out of reach of intruders.


Ensure that your data center is backed up and synchronized at all times; meaning new files get replicated automatically, without any slowing down your working speed. Our fully AI-assisted process takes away the "backup" waiting time, completely.


In the case of a disaster, be able to reroute your users to the backed-up data center, without wasting your team's time or undoing progress on ongoing projects. Many of our clients almost do not notice the switch, we make it that seamless.

Show up

Show up onsite (in the Phoenix area) to help remove damaged materials, repair or replace any affected hardware, and provide real-time support to your team. Disaster recovery is prioritized in our workflow, we respond in minutes and stay until you're fully recovered.

Save time

Get you back up and running in a fraction of the time it would have taken without our professional service. We know time is money, and we count the minutes with you, enabling get back to work as quickly as minutes, instead of days.

Save resources

Because we would primarily be on the cloud, our backup plan is also a savings plan. Asides from saving your business reputation by empowering you to be back online faster, we save you the cost of purchasing servers to back up your mission-critical data.

A glimpse of our state-of-the-art data backup and disaster recovery plan

Being cloud computing experts, there are two unique disaster recovery plans we use to backup clients' data or help them recover from a data loss situation.

Based on your budget, process, and business needs, you can decide what works best for you...

With both plans, the goals above remain the same.


Warm standby; get back up in 45-60 minutes

In this system, we replicate your data center or Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) as basically a compressed version of what exists in your primary storage. It is fully synchronized. As soon as a data failure is detected by the DNS, we reroute your traffic to the disaster recovery center.

Because the data center needs to come back to it original size, it takes about 45 - 60 minutes, however, when restored, you can pick up from where you left off with your work.

Desktops and Laptops
WiFi & Networking
Everything else




Hot standby; laser speed, get back up in seconds

With this, it takes extra effort to notice that there has been a switch from your data center to the disaster recovery center. In this system, 100% of your data center in this fully functional form is backed up and fully synchronized in the backup.

The backup center here is essentially a complete mirror image of your company's network, running at full capacity. In the case of a disaster, your DNS picks it up immediately as it is constantly running a health check - and in mere seconds, you have full access to your data.

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“Complete IT has enabled us to scale and grow, versus just being someone we call to fix printers…”

Jennifer M

Phoenix, Arizona

I was recommended to Complete IT by a peer in a networking group.  Within 3 months of starting with them, 20 servers were moved out of our office to Amazon’s server farm, and everything actually works better than it ever did.

I have more interaction with them than I did our previous in-house IT person, yet the meetings are always short, sweet, and to the point.

It’s also a blessing to have laptops show up at remote workers' homes in other states that are perfectly configured and require no follow-ups, they can just get to work.

Complete IT has enabled us to scale and grow, versus just being someone we call to fix printers and whatnot.  I would recommend them to businesses both large and small.

data recovery services to businesses all around Phoenix, Arizona

We provide data recovery services to businesses all around Phoenix, Arizona

Take the guesswork out of your company's disaster recovery and get enterprise-grade data backup services that put you in the top 2% of disaster-ready businesses in the US!