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We help SMBs in Arizona maintain bulletproof cybersecurity on the cloud, in a way that other cyber security companies in phoenix never get to

IT security Phoenix AZ
enterprise-grade network security and critical infrastructure defense.

Cybercriminals can reliably penetrate 93 percent of organizations’ networks

Statistics like this make business owners wonder if they have the information technology to, not just run a company, but protect it in the face of harm...

With 50% of all cyber attacks affecting small to mid-sized businesses, it is daunting to note that 83% of SMBs aren't prepared for the financial damages of a cyber attack.

Now, more than ever before, you need to leverage technology to ensure your business doesn't become a cyber statistic. This is only possible with enterprise-grade network security and critical infrastructure defense.

intelligent technical solutions to stay secure

Your small to medium-sized business deserves intelligent technical solutions to stay secure

You deserve a support system that assures you of having access to a fail-proof cybersecurity stack and not the bare minimum protection that makes you a sitting duck for hackers. Depending on VPN and antivirus for protection in 2022, is like taking a water gun to war!

Sure, that may be a good security strategy if you were trying to protect a college freshman's computer - but it cannot protect your Arizona business from today's cybersecurity climate.

You deserve help from a managed services provider... but more than that - one that has the IT expertise of the top 1% of cybersecurity companies in phoenix az.

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Our expertise and results make us one of the top cybersecurity consulting companies in Phoenix!

At Complete IT, we obsess over being that cybersecurity company that small to medium-sized businesses can rely on as a trusted technology partner, no matter what. We give your growing business the security posture of a behemoth so that you can remain constantly focused on growth.

As an IT solutions company, we provide your business with bespoke cyber operations, that are tailor-made to suit your needs every step of the way.

Hackers could steal your vital data and request a payment to release it
Competitors could be out to have a sneak peek of your internal processes
Offended employees may simply want revenge
Your business cannot run without your mission-critical data
Complete IT offers reliable and dedicated cybersecurity services and comprehensive solutions to small to mid-sized businesses
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“I never have to deal with any of it anymore, which is what I want…”

Jason F

Scottsdale, Arizona

We had a great IT company we worked with for years, however as our security needs grew, I could honestly tell they were quickly trying to find products to fit our needs, and we were always the guinea pigs.

I felt we were outgrowing them, however after moving not only our managed services to Complete IT, but our managed security needs as well, I never have to deal with any of it anymore, which is what I want in an outsourced partner.

With our 7 layers of protection, you can be assured of consistent, bulletproof security!

Data or systems backup

Layer 1:
Data or systems backup

The innermost layer amongst our layers of cybersecurity is to ensure that we keep your data where it belongs and consistently protect it where it is kept.

A rock-solid backup system that backs up data (and can restore it) in real-time
We ensure that every data saved on any of your endpoints (laptop, tab, smartphone)
If you still save your data on servers, we help you back them up as well
By far the best way to store your data, we back your data up on a different cloud provider than you currently use
Data security

Layer 2:
Data security

We keep your sensitive data encrypted in transit and at rest, proactively stopping unauthorized personnel from seeing your sensitive files.

Access and identity management:
We ensure that no unauthorized personnel ever has access to your data, even within your organization, specific access is granted based on the need
Public Key Infrastructure (data armor tank):
We ensure that your electronic transfer of sensitive information is done securely, with trusted systems
Endpoint security

Layer 3:
Endpoint security

As one of the top cybersecurity firms in the area, we pay close attention to every endpoint (computer, laptop, tab, smart phone) within your company's IT network infrastructure. We ensure that they are secure to use at all times, no matter the location.

Antivirus and antimalware:
We make sure that all endpoints have continuously updated and potent antivirus and antimalware cybersecurity solutions
Without your direct input, we test and implement updates to your devices in record time
Data loss prevention solutions:
We control the precise information that your end users (team) can transfer outside your IT environment, this we successfully cut down on data breaches significantly
Network security

Layer 4:
Network security

We provide Arizona businesses with enterprise-level Intrusion, Detection, and Prevention Systems (IDPS) to arm you against malicious activity throughout your IT environment.

Enterprise wireless security:
In order to stop outsiders within your physical location from reaching the core of your network, we create guest networks that are completely isolated for your production network
VPN (Virtual Private Network):
With VPNs, we enable your team to send and receive data securely, across public networks, as if they are connected to your private network
Perimeter Security(Edge Security services)

Layer 5:
Perimeter Security
(Edge Security services)

In this layer of security, we essentially create an edge over your entire network, to serve as a covering to all other layers.

Internet rules:
Where do you want your users surfing on the internet? We help you configure your systems to allow (and refuse) certain sites
Secure DMZ (Demilitarized zone):
We create a buffer between your IT infrastructure and the internet, creating the demarcation and further securing your corporate assets

Layer 6:

These are rules that span across all other layers of protection that we efficiently secure you with

External Security Assessment:
We help you set up systems to routinely test all other layers of protection for vulnerabilities
Phish testing:
We perform regular tests on your team to see just how they interact with suspicious links
Acceptable use practices:
You get clear with your team on your internet expectations: tackling social media use on company devices, external software, streaming music, etc
Password changes:
One simple yet powerful cybersecurity hack for your small business is to change passwords from time to time
Operations(hands-on maintenance)

Layer 7:
(hands-on maintenance)

A fail-proof cybersecurity system is not "once and it's done", it's a system that requires consistent support and monitoring.

Continuous monitoring:
We monitor your systems round the clock and respond to issues and threats on a continuous basis. Way more than the bare minimum monitoring that the average cybersecurity company in Arizona offers you, we enable you to adopt technologies that keep you secure
Network Operation Centre (NOC):
Your small to medium-sized businesses need a centralized team that can anticipate, monitor, backup, and restore your systems and data, in case of a hitch or disaster. We operate as your in-house Network Operation Centre, offering enterprise-grade support, just when you need it!

With Complete IT, you get a dedicated team of IT experts that you can trust to keep you safe online, no matter what!

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What you can expect from our state-of-the-art cyber security services

Phishing protection

At Complete IT, we provide data protection from spear phishing, account takeover, and business email compromise. Most successful cyber-attacks are phishing scams (emails that feel familiar to the recipient and requesting data, like a password, etc). We detect threats that traditional email security systems can not, and drastically reduce your cyber risk.

Cyber security awareness training

We produce training videos for your team, to ensure that they can find their way around your IT network, without causing risks. Through our routine extensive research and development, we are able to arm your staff against the latest cyber security threats. As cloud computing experts, we give your team the confidence they need to work securely in the cloud.

Password and access management

We help you manage the security of all your passwords in a user-friendly, secure application. Across all endpoints (computers, phones, tablets, etc) in your organization, you get to be assured of 100% endpoint security. Also, your data stays within your company even when employees leave because you control who has access to what and when.

Advanced web filtering

We secure your business's vital information by remotely controlling the sites that your users can access. We can block certain users from having access to your vital data or block sites from being reached within your business network. If your work policy states "no social media during work", we make it happen by blocking off social media sites.

Dark web monitoring

This is an aspect that even some top cybersecurity companies leave out, most times, unintentionally. Not us, though... We monitor the Dark Web for stolen passwords from your team so that they can be changed immediately. Through this enlightening solution, you get to know exactly which of your teammates needs to be more security conscious.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Also known as "Two-factor authentication", this stops unauthorized access from getting into your company's network, drastically reducing the risk of intruders getting access to your data. This solution has saved tens of thousands of small to mid-sized businesses in the US avoid unsuspecting cyber attacks.

Social media protection

Hacked social media accounts have terrible a impact on small businesses and conglomerates alike. We stop threats in real time, keeping you active and secure on all social media platforms. The average managed IT provider in Phoenix overlooks online reputation management, we don't overlook any aspect of your business.

Data leak prevention

We prevent private data from ever leaving your organization. We also securely ensure that credit card numbers, passport details, and other fine details are never sent out of your network via email or any other means. Stay at peace, knowing that business is secure under our glaring, round-the-clock surveillance.

Penetration testing

We prevent private data from ever leaving your organization. We also securely ensure that credit card numbers, passport details, and other fine details are never sent out of your network via email or any other means. Stay at peace, knowing that business is secure under our glaring, round-the-clock surveillance.

How it works...

  • Our white-hat specialist (cyber security expert) makes an attempt at hacking your systems, to see where more work is needed.

  • This "attack" is a major eye-opener that calls out any weak ends in our cyber security layers. If work is needed, we provide solutions immediately to ensure your security on all seven layers of cybersecurity.


“Being able to call our IT support at any time of day, any day of the year, has been tremendous…”

Jennifer M

Phoenix, Arizona

Being able to call our IT support at any time of day, any day of the year, has been tremendous, as we run a manufacturing business which is never closed.

Previously, we could only get IT support during normal business hours, which meant two thirds of our work shifts had zero support.

Being able to have people quickly onsite has also been a big change versus our previous provider.

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