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According to Gartner's research

Over 95% of businesses will use cloud computing by 2025

Little wonder why the "cloud" is quickly becoming one of the most thrown-around buzzwords for forward-thinking businesses today. But then, it's way more than a buzzword. According to Dell, companies that use cloud technology solutions enjoy 53% faster revenue growth.

91% of them feel much more secure on the cloud (than with legacy systems) and 94% say the cloud makes it easier for them to stay compliant. With mind-blowing statistics like these, it's easy to say pack up and move on over to the cloud, right?

It's only as easy as it sounds with a fail-proof cloud migration strategy from professionals that have done it over and over again, and we'd go into all of that in just a minute...

But before we get into that

What could you possibly still need your legacy servers for?

No matter the countless benefits of migrating to the cloud, some business owners in Phoenix seem to have an attachment to their legacy systems. Let's debunk the idea that "the cloud is not enough". What do you feel your business needs on-premise servers for?

file server

To serve as a file server?

With SharePoint from your existing Microsoft 365 subscription (which, by the way, is a file management system from the future), you can do away with your bulky file server in a blink. With our expertise in cloud computing, your authorized team members will be able to access 10X files easier.

email services

To provide email services?

The chances that you're still hosting emails in-house are as slim as the 90s coming back. You most certainly are the last one to move your internal email messaging to Microsoft teams. With our help, you'd get that fix in record time.

host your phone system

To host your phone system?

We see this a whole lot - companies place their phone services on an old, worn-out server in their office. We both know that you deserve better - with Microsoft teams, you get a hosted service that drastically reduces your maintenance cost and elimininates downtime from your inter and intra communication.

As "Utility" Servers

As "Utility" Servers?

With our cloud services, you can say forget about your utility legacy servers for good. On the cloud, you pay only for what you use and not a cent more. Also, you get 100% scalable based on your growing needs as a company. Trading the purchase and maintenance costs of your legacy servers for this is an absolute no brainer!

"The cloud is your ticket to enterprise-grade infrastructure without the crushing costs that should follow"


"20 servers were moved out of our office, and everything actually works better than it ever did"

Mark O

Columbus, Ohio

"I was recommended to Complete IT by a peer in a networking group.  Within 3 months of starting with them, 20 servers were moved out of our office to Amazon’s server farm, and everything actually works better than it ever did.

I have more interaction with them than I did our previous in house IT person, yet the meetings are always short, sweet, and to the point.

It’s also a blessing to have laptops show up at remote workers' homes in other states that are perfectly configured and require no follow-ups, they can just get to work.

Complete IT has enabled us to scale and grow, versus just being someone we call to fix printers and whatnot.  I would recommend them to businesses both large and small."


At Complete IT, we live and breathe 100% successful cloud migration

Small to medium-sized businesses in Phoenix Arizona deserve access to modern technology that takes their operations from good to great. Rather than building and maintaining an on-premise data center, migrating to the cloud makes it that much easier to get work done from any part of the world, with equal security and efficiency.

We're cloud computing experts that have made it our top priority to ensure that Phoenix businesses can enjoy all the many benefits of migrating to the cloud. We've successfully migrated clients to the cloud when other IT companies said it wasn't possible - that's what you get from specialists (not regular IT guys that solely operate with a laptop repair model).

cloud migration

All in one backup and recovery

Finally get rid of your servers and infrastructure
Secure your cloud infrastructure to stay absolutely safe and compliant
Scale your business easily without thought of procurement costs
Get world-class support from professionals that clearly get IT
Reduce costs significantly by avoiding maintenance and overhead costs
Have access to a 100% disaster recovery plan without failovers and delays
Work from anywhere in the world securely, experience true freedom
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backup and recovery

Our no-stones-unturned cloud migration strategy

Discovery Phase

Discovery Phase

In this phase we analyze your existing infrastructure inside out and take note of what is lacking and what your major pain points are. With this, we determine the musts for you to have absolute success with cloud infrastructure.

We take the time here to understand your vision for your IT infrastructure and provide you with strategic insights into how best to bring the vision to light.

Design Phase

Design Phase

In this phase, we use the 6 R approach to run an app and portfolio assessment of your existing systems. This enables us to select the most appropriate cloud deployment model for your specific short and long-term goals as a business.

This in turn informs our choice of cloud vendor for you. We then document the infrastructure architecture and plan the migration project.

6 - R cloud migration process

6 - R cloud migration process



With all the analysis and preparations in place, it’s time to implement all the decisions we've made and migrate to the architecture previously designed.

Our in-house cloud computing experts seamlessly migrate you to the cloud, having ensured all other measures are absolutely in place for a secure move. We carry out entire infrastructure migration, application migration, and data migration.

Going Live

Going Live

After some final checks for the quality of service, it's time to finally go live! Just before then, we perform a data freeze: we temporarily pause changes to your legacy environment and perform a final data sync.

We ensure that we minimize downtime to the barest minimum and also have a rollback plan (even if we're sure the migration would be successful). Then, we finally run the go-live event.

Ongoing Support

Ongoing Support

Once you are live, your ongoing success is determined by the quality of support and maintenance you receive after then. At Complete It, you can bank on us to stick with you; support your team, be available for you, and proactively monitor your infrastructure, apps, and data on the cloud.


“Everything is in the cloud, our IT team responds extremely quickly…”

Mike C

Phoenix, Arizona

"Before working with Complete IT, I had a server in our office, and IT support that would always email, never call, and we were lucky if it was the same day.

Now, everything is in the cloud, our IT team responds extremely quickly, and we’re finally taking advantage of all that Office365 has to offer.  I highly recommend Complete IT to any business needing IT support."

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