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Say goodbye to expensive, choppy, traditional phone service - with our VoIP services, you experience state-of-the-art VoIP phone hosting Phoenix, at a fraction of your current cost!

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Is your business phone service keeping your business stuck in the '90s

Far too many small to mid-sized businesses are dealing with expensive yet aged and ineffective business phone systems. You've had to deal with the crushing up-front costs of servers, analog phone lines or sip trunks...

Along with ongoing costs for traditional phone service...

ALONG WITH terrible connections and voice qualities, with little to no modern integrations possible.

Surely, we thought that by 2022, we'd be using some phone system from the future… That isn't the case - at least, for most small to mid-sized businesses (and Fortune 500s alike).

Up until August 2022, a lot of businesses today were still stuck with POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) that have been around since the 1880s! Talk about the Stone Age.

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VoIP services aren't just a nice alternative, they're the only way to go

As technology experts that have dealt with legacy phone and network systems at some point in our careers, and are now authorized VoIP service providers, we can tell you that affirmatively.

It's a plug-and-play system that can slash your phone bills and budget by 60%, while still affording you crisp voice reception and a boatload of added features. All as long as you have access to the internet and an expert VoIP service provider.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) essentially replaces your expensive phone lines with the internet (which, by the way, you already have access to). This means, you entirely avoid the upfront installation costs of purchasing analog phone lines or sip trunks and the hundreds of dollars per hour that a technician would charge you!

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Switching over to a business VoIP system only takes a decision

Your growing company doesn't have to cough up thousands of dollars to switch from your existing system to VoIP. Matter of fact, with the phone system we work with for clients, you'd be amazed that you already make use of it in some way right now.

As long as you have access to the internet, you can use your existing mobile phones, computers, laptops, and desk/office phones to make and receive calls from anywhere in the world.

What's more, most small businesses in Phoenix AZ already have a Microsoft 365. We essentially make Microsoft Teams your business VoIP! This way, we practically take away the cost of an extra subscription you may have needed from other VoIP providers in Phoenix AZ.

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Ditch your traditional phone system along with all the baggage that comes with it:

  • Costs of purchasing specialized servers, analog phone lines, or sip trunk (easily thousands of dollars, even for small to mid-sized companies).
  • Costs of hiring IT experts to install and wire the entire setup.
  • Ongoing maintenance costs, from an IT expert.
  • Monthly phone service bills, for 19th century-grade, choppy connection, and audio quality.
  • Bear the responsibility of getting the phone and network systems back up and running after a disaster.
  • Little to no integrations with your existing team collaboration software or application.
  • Ridiculous fees for international calls in today's connected world!
  • Inability to work remotely effectively, or get that done at an excruciating fee when it could be your everyday normal.

Your growing business deserves so much more than that...

Embrace the future of telephone systems with one of the best VoIP service providers in Phoenix Arizona

Get an easy and inexpensive add-on to your existing Microsoft 365 solution.

Use a traditional desk phone, PBX (private branch exchange) with a handset, or the Teams desktop or mobile apps with a headset or earbuds.

No upfront installation cost, or ongoing maintenance costs. Takes the burden off of you and your team.

Crisp clear sound quality (with our professional touch).

Make and respond to calls on the go, at home, and forward call to any team member, anywhere in the world.

You don't need to bother about any disaster recovery, no hardware to preserve or repair, and no opportunity for server damage.

Integrates seamlessly into a Microsoft Teams collaboration environment, if that's your existing productivity software.

Voicemail to email transcription, call forwarding, call parking, conference calling, click to call, and more.

You get to keep your number, have a direct-dial number, and add call extensions.


“I never have to deal with any of it anymore, which is what I want…”

Jason F

Scottsdale, Arizona

We had a great IT company we worked with for years, however as our security needs grew, I could honestly tell they were quickly trying to find products to fit our needs, and we were always the guinea pigs.

I felt we were outgrowing them, however after moving not only our managed services to Complete IT, but our managed security needs as well, I never have to deal with any of it anymore, which is what I want in an outsourced partner.

Give your  Phoenix business access to a Fortune-500-grade phone system with Complete IT

Microsoft teams + Complete IT's VoIP systems = business telecommunication on steroids

You get to enjoy the amazing benefits of using future-forward technology, without the budget of an enterprise... Our cloud-based VoIP service, coupled with Microsoft Teams guarantees the best phone service you've ever had.

Here's what you get when you choose to trust us with your business phone service needs:


Crisp-clear, amazing call quality

The number 1 question we get from business owners is "how's the call quality?". We've experienced the quality ourselves at Complete IT and it is absolutely amazing - crystal clear, with no lags, flakey sounds, or funny noises. It's amazing how clear the person on the other end sounds, nothing comes close.

Something to note, however: the awesomeness of the sound comes with a really great internet connection. As much as you can, avoid weak Wi-Fi connections (except in locations where you absolutely cannot help it). With a subpar internet connection, you'd get the regular call quality of other systems, but with a strong internet connection (preferably fiber internet/ Ethernet hardwired cable), the call quality would be out of this world.

We're not like most VoIP providers that dump the system on you and leave you to sort it out yourself, we take it upon ourselves to ensure that you get that tip-top call quality that's possible with Teams. We assess your internet strength (Wi-fi and fiber internet), and provide hands-on support if necessary, so that can have a great telecom experience going forward. We're out to provide a complete solution, it's right in the name!

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Take your phone system with you, wherever you go

Finally, your phone system is not stuck to your office desk! Make and answer calls on the go, in a different country, on a "workcation", where ever! All you need is the device(s) you plan to respond to calls with and a good, vetted Wi-Fi connection. Whether that's your laptop, smartphone, or tablet - the Microsoft Teams mobile app will seamlessly connect to the Microsoft Phone System.

While you can easily call your office directly from your smartphone, you could decide to get into the Microsoft Teams mobile app, see what people are up to in real time, and then choose to call or leave an instant message for them on the app. Redirect calls to other team members in a different location easily.

We set up your employees' phones in such a way that clients do not need to have access to their personal numbers. When someone rings a team member's office phone number, the Microsoft Phone System immediately rings their personal mobile phone during work hours and goes to voicemail after work hours. The next day, the employee can call the client or prospect back, right on the Teams mobile app.

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Pick your own adventure: headsets or desk phone

Whether you prefer making calls with your existing desk phone setup or you'd rather use Microsoft Teams with a headset, choose what suits you. We can recommend some top headsets that would give you an exceptional experience on calls, it's the closest thing you can get to in-person conversations.

If you prefer to use your desk phone, you can do away with your analog phone lines and sip trunks. You can easily connect to the internet and keep talking, we could also drive by to provide you with that support in Phoenix Arizona.

Want to retain your existing number? Not a problem! Want to change it? Move it around? Add extensions? Customize it? We have got you covered, 100%.

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Be truly remote; hire top talent from anywhere!

If the 2020 pandemic taught us anything, it's that we really aren't limited to the talent in our city. Getting and effectively onboarding top-tier team members from different parts of the world has been a challenge for so many growing businesses because the facilities weren't just there for them to work effectively, independent of the location.

Well, that's until VoIP, especially from Microsoft Teams! From experience, the Microsoft Phone System makes it extremely easy to add people from all around the world to your team! With a good internet connection, they can become as integrated as a member of staff that lives down the road.

This is a revolution that radically widens your talent pool. You don't have to make do with the "ok" candidate, because he lives 25 minutes away, don't lower your standards, you can get a 99.999% fit for that role!

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Business continuity and disaster recovery

Remember the disaster recovery system with your traditional phone lines? You're fully in charge of it. The only issue is, you're not fully in charge of when disasters hit when storms come, or when the power goes out... With our VoIP services backed by Microsoft's data centers worldwide, you can be confident that no disaster would be able to slow your business down.

With this new phone system, you have minimal hardware on-site, you're not catering from some box on the wall or server. It's all in the cloud, fully backed up in several different locations around the world. Stay productive, never keep your customers or prospects waiting, and be present regardless.

Power goes out in the building? (we've seen it happen before). Go home and keep working - with the same level of efficiency as at the office. Microsoft's data center crashed? Highly unlikely, but if that does happen, your system will work the same way because there's a ton of redundancy in the system.

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Business continuity and disaster recovery

Enjoy hyper-productivity on a budget

Think about the features all the big names have with phone systems... You get it all with us as your business VoIP service provider. Whether you want to use a call tree (Press 1 for support, press 2 for sales, etc) or you want all calls to go to the front desk and be redirected from there, we can make it happen for you.

Know what every team member is up to in real-time with the presence status: online/offline/in a meeting/idle/sharing screen/in a call/away/OOO. With this, you can easily have a bird's eye view of your team's productivity and availability, and know if to call or shoot a message on Teams if need be. You also don't get interrupted in the middle of a consultation call, because everyone else can see that you're in do-not-disturb mode.

Absolutely convenient and effective! Increase productivity and do much more with your phone systems, all under 40% of the fees you probably paid for your legacy phone system.

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VoIP services for Phoenix and Scottsdale Arizona

We cater to all of Phoenix and Scottsdale Arizona!

Give your phone and network systems a much-needed facelift today with Complete IT; save at least 60% more while receiving enterprise-grade business phone service!

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