World-class IT support for SMBs

We have the expertise to get you masterfully set and equipped to grow remarkably, working from the cloud, all at a price that you cannot refuse!

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Average time saved per department

With up to 35% in many instances, we free you up to focus on growth


Success rate in Cloud migration

We have successfully migrated clients to the Cloud when other engineers said it couldn't be done.

Top 1%

Customer retention in the industry

Consistently impressed with our services in our previous business, most of our clients stay with us.

Exceptional and complete IT solutions with no "add-ons"

Our vision is to provide "A complete and secure solution to enrich businesses through modern technology". Keyword: Complete. Rather than offering a mediocre solution that would require some extra prop after a couple of months, our goal is to provide 100% value upfront, by setting you up with all you need to win.

We're out to keep you consistently satisfied on the cloud

We believe you can successfully run your business right off the cloud, with absolutely no IT hitches, While being much more productive as you could have been with legacy systems.

Beyond a belief, we have seen it have in our respective practices, and we thought "why not offer this opportunity to forward-thinking companies who have been burnt by legacy systems?"... and that's how Complete IT was born.

Being Cloud Migration and support experts, we are able to not only start the journey with you but help you achieve your goals through the process. Our goal is to be your trusted partner on all things technology, helping you scale your business with the ease that modern technology provides.

Our values

The values which drive everything we do


By building or moving your business to the cloud, you will free yourself from the shackles of shoddy technology and major security risks!


With clear and simple explanations, we help you to understand the state of your IT, rather than using geek-speak to confuse you or ramp up prices.

We become relentless advocates of your business, rather than just another vendor.


Our business grows alongside yours. So our commitment to help you achieve your business goals also makes logical business sense!

Team Work

You receive every single benefit of working with an external party, while still feeling like we are part of your team. That's because we are!

Our leadership

So, who's responsible for Complete IT?  Meet Chip!


So, who's responsible for Complete IT?  Meet Chip!

Chip Bell is a successful entrepreneur focused on technology and leadership.  Having grown multiple technology brands to many millions in both recurring, and product revenue, while also enabling coaching clients to scale their tech businesses as well, Chip decided to break the mold and offer a complete technology engagement as a service.  

“My goal has never been about getting the next sale.  Instead, we focus on helping our clients grow their businesses through our innovation, use of cutting edge technologies, reducing/often eliminating  tech issues, and disciplined execution of a proven service and support model.  Help your clients grow their businesses, and they’ll become the best sales people you’ve ever had.”

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Everything else

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