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We provide Arizona SMBs with world-class & expert Cloud solutions that keep them 100% secure, productive, and highly competitive.

Is your IT infrastructure stuck in the stone age?

Are your computers and servers slow, unresponsive and posing security risks to network?

With all the benefits of technology, to have yours slowing you down can be frustrating.

Are you losing productive time trying to find documents or getting routine work done?

An easy, all-in-one-place file solution would save you at least 20 minutes daily.

Are you already working on the cloud, but don't seem to be experiencing the benefits of your migration?

You should experience the time, money savings, and intensive automation that comes with working in the cloud.

We make your processes seamless with futuristic technology

We believe that small to mid-sized businesses in Phoenix and Scottsdale Arizona deserve to have IT working to their advantage as well. Complete IT is our way of putting our money where our mouth is, by offering enterprise grade cloud solutions to SMBs, enabling them to make the most of technology!

Whether you have 5 or 500 end-users, we have the expertise and capacity to proactively monitor and support your network in the cloud.

Yes, in the cloud! With our proven experience in cloud computing, and cloud migrations, you'll no longer need legacy servers and bulky equipment that tie up capital intensive investments, and are often extremely difficult or impossible to secure.

World class client ranked Net Promoter score for the past 5 years.
average cost-savings on hardware!

How our full-service IT support can help you stay competitive

Up to 50% cost-savings

With our help, you would have no use for expensive, bulky & high-energy-consuming devices. This will easily save you thousands!

Seamless workflow

It's easy to request and get support from our team, either remotely or onsite and in person.  We don't shy away from the phone or meetings!"


We keep you 100% secure in the cloud. With our unique proactive measures, we ensure your private data stays private and secure.

Work effectively

By helping you implement time saving and efficiency increasing modern technologies, you can perform more needle moving work with the same team.

The future of work

Work from anywhere in the world, on any device, with the same excellent and secure experience you would have in the office!

Microsoft 365

With proven Microsoft 365 experience, we'll help you utilize all the platform has to offer.  We also offer continual training and fresh content on a regular basis to help your team accomplish more.


Don’t take our word for it. See what our clients say.

Mike C

Phoenix, Arizona

“Everything is in the cloud, our IT team responds extremely quickly…”

Kathie Corl

Scottsdale, Arizona

“I never have to deal with any of it anymore, which is what I want…”

Sophie Moore

Phoenix, Arizona

“Being able to call our IT support at any time of day, any day of the year, has been tremendous…”

John Carter

Columbus, Ohio

“Complete IT has enabled us to scale and grow, versus just being someone we call to fix printers…”

For teams

Designed to enhance teams of all sorts and sizes

Technical team

Our experts can work with your existing technology resources to keep them moving forward, accountable, and focused on completing projects.  If you don't have technology resources, look no further!

Security Team

Our experts can manage both your on premesis, and cloud based technology needs.

We'll implement secure solutions, keep you ahead of the security curve, and monitor all your resources to keep your infrastructure safe.

Productivity team

From high-performance software to managing your crucial projects, we make technology support your creativity.

We ensure that you can still churn out amazing work from home, by enabling you to access your office systems, right from your PJs.

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